Best New Mystery Featured New Novel    We do have a strong preference for literary mysteries and suspense novels that give us an insight into what motivates a human being to break character and do the unthinkable. We love an engrossing read that not only incorporates a keen story line and engaging plot, but also offers the reader a character driven and thought provoking experience.

SHRINKING braids all of these fine attributes with a provocative page turner, that is reflection of the anxious times we live in.  

Andie @Best Mstery

5.0 out of 5 star Thriller! By Susan B. on January 15, 2017 Format: Paperback I couldn't put this book down! If you're looking for an original suspense novel, you've found it in "Shrinking" -- it's far from the standard plot. You feel like you know the characters because they are well-developed and complex (especially Archie, but they're all distinctive), with lots of humor and irony mixed in. Read it, you'll enjoy it! I'm looking forward to Mr. McDermott's next novel.    


Susan B. Amazon Customer Review

Continued .. written novel, not the standard recipe that I often associate with this genre. It’s literature mixed within a psychological suspense.The storyline is tight and stays true to itself. The characters, both male and female, are unique and real, and the plot turns are strategic, plausible and concise, no sentences wasted, no meandering descriptions just to fill space.

    Shrinking definitely sucked me in from the fast paced start, and had me turning the pages thirsting to know who this Archie Moon was, why had he placed himself in this predicament, and more importantly what would become of him and those he challenged. I must admit I was kept in dark until the very end, just how I like it.        

    I’ve not been to Cape Cod or Sedona, but I could smell the sea salt and  inhale the rarified mountain air nonetheless. Kudos to Mr. McDermott and Shrinking, the best novel I’ve read in ages.


Janice Keller Amazon Customer Review

Dec 12, 2016


it was amazing


This was one of the best mystery novels I read this year. The description intrigued me and the story delivered

 a riveting tale that kept me glued to the pages, since I just had to find out what happens at the end. I really like the way the author wove together an interesting, fast-paced mystery novel, with deep characters, which is something that's often lacking in such stories. Archie Moon literally comes alive on the page. This book will keep you guessing right up until the very end!


Laura's review 


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